ॐ One to One Yoga Coaching from Catharine Hinton ॐ


ॐ One to One Yoga Coaching from Catharine Hinton ॐ

Due to increased demand,  I am now taking new clients for one to one Yoga coaching on Wednesday nights before and after my usual Yoga Class at convenient town centre venue, the Lion Hotel, Shrewsbury.

Yoga coaching can help:
•    You develop your own personal Yoga practice
•    Become proficient in challenging postures
•    Unfreeze frozen shoulders
•    Prevent and manage back problems
•    Help you back to health following an operation
•    Improve sleep quality
•    Reduce stress and help you become happier
Please contact me ASAP for appointments in January and February 2014, as these slots will get booked up quickly.

You can private message me here or through other  websites / social media:
** Website : www.yogaspirit.co.uk
** Twitter : https://twitter.com/C_Hinton
** Instagram : http://instagram.com/the_henna_cat
** LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/catharinehinton

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