A response to the recent negative coverage in the press about Yoga

You might have heard the recent news about a book explaining how ‘Yoga can kill you‘. Well that press release title certainly got everyone’s interest… despite the fact that the point the author was making was that it is bad teaching of Yoga that can damage you (I’ll save my rant about headlines that don’t bear any resemblence to content for another day).

If you are concerned about my credentials…..I studied for four years in order to gain my Yoga Teaching qualification (not everyone on the course qualified) and I have a degree in Zoology, and a certificate in Personal Training. I’ve done Yoga for 20 years. I’ve taught for nearly ten years. I’ve done Yoga to prepare for childbirth and I have also modified Yoga to help me recover from FOUR major surgeries. So please don’t worry, I’m not going to kill you. At least not during a Yoga Class 🙂

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