British Wheel of Yoga Congress 1 (Friday night)

I arrived at Congress several hours late, tired, grubby and with sore feet (that is what a day of business meetings in London on a Friday, when the sun is shining for the first time in MONTHS does to me). After a flawless check in, I am grateful that the halls of residence have a lift (heavy suitcase – work and yoga stuff) and quite delighted to find my en-suite has a bath. I gratefully soak my sore feet and then limber up with a few Surya Namaskars to try to get rid of the aches of the day.

I meet Faith and Carolyn for dinner – there is a lovely range of salads, and vegetarian hot meals with different diets catered for, in fact all the food is vegetarian. Vegans get a card for their meals and dietary information is available.

After dinner we make our way to the ‘Welcome to Congress’ which really was a great icebreaker, followed by useful housekeeping information and any last minute changes or issues. Dr Ruth Gilmore gave a teaser about her plenary tomorrow – the wandering womb sounds intriguing – and then we moved on to our evening workshops.

I attended Paul Fox‘s ‘Adjusting students in forward bends’ session which was fabulous. I am not a natural forward bender, but the assists that we explored really developed my technique and renewed my enthusiasm for forward bending in my own asana practice. Of course I can use the techniques with students in class as well, but I was quite amazed by how much more deeply my practice went using some of Paul’s methods.

He has a couple of DVDs available which I have bought to help remind me of the lessons I have learnt with him both this year and last year.

After the session a gentle stroll back to my room, a bath and a sleep! See you in the morning!

British Wheel of Yoga Congress is a fantastic weekend of Yoga held in high quality conference facilities at the University of Warwick. It is a great opportunity to do six 2 and a half hour workshops with nationally and internationally renowned teachers, 2 early morning classes and to network with other Yogis. The cost includes 2 nights accommodation is en-suite serviced rooms and all meals.

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