British Wheel Of Yoga Congress 2011 – Day 2

I did not sign up for the 7am classes – after two exceptionally early starts to get to London for meetings I planned for a lie-in instead. Those who did enjoyed a variety of classes led by Regional Wheel officers and then breakfast at the Rootes restaurant.

The Plenary session by Ruth Gilmore was fabulous. She weaved the history of medicine and the practice of yoga together, added a good dose of humour and common sense in equal measure. As well as hearing the story of the ‘wandering womb’ we had several myths dispelled and reflected on how anatomy and physiology is currently taught to Yoga teachers.

I had two further sessions with Ruth – the function and malfunction of the GI system and the function and malfunction of the immune system, both excellent revision for me.

As usual the British Wheel of Yoga AGM was an opportunity for members to hear important activity reports, agree accounts and raise any issues. I’ll do another post on some of the issues that were raised in relation to education.

One thing that does always surprise me at the BWY AGM is the lack of decorum and protocol shown by some members to the process of what is /should be a very formal and important meeting. Members were shouting that they could not hear – rudely, interrupting – rudely and asking / raising inappropriate questions.

For my evening meal I enjoyed roasted vegetable ravioli with sautéed potatoes and salad. I had fruit salad for pudding and took away a rye bread roll and some cheese in case I was hungry after my evening session.

Eka Pada Rajapotanasana with Zoe Knott, Hugh Grainger, Bob and Be Insley was a very strong and progressive practice which resulted in most of the class performing a very deep and strong Eka Pada Rajapotanasana. We got lots of tips for developing the pose and I clearly need to do some work with balancing my hips in the pose.

A quick drink in the bar afterwards with some new friends was followed by a bath, bed and reading the new books I picked up in the market place!

British Wheel of Yoga Congress is a fantastic weekend of Yoga held in high quality conference facilities at the University of Warwick. It is a great opportunity to do six 2 and a half hour workshops with nationally and internationally renowned teachers, 2 early morning classes and to network with other Yogis. The cost includes 2 nights accommodation is en-suite serviced rooms and all meals.

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