Easter nest cupcakes recipe

Fortunately all the ingredients you will need can be bought at your local corner shop!

You will need

  • 6oz / 150g butter
  • 4oz / 100g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 3oz / 75g self raising flour
  • 1 oz / 25g drinking chocolate / cocoa powder (I use bournville)
  • 4oz / 100g icing sugar
  • drop of milk
  • Cadbury’s flake bar
  • Packet of mini eggs – I use Cadbury’s but you can use any kind really.
  • 12 paper cases

Reheat your oven to 180 deg C / 180 deg F or gas mark 4.

Easter bun recipe:

Cream 4 oz / 100g caster sugar with 4oz / 100g butter. Once light and fluffy, add 1 oz / 25g of cocoa powder / drinking choc , and 2 eggs and mix. Once combined, fold in 75g of self raising flour. Divide the mix between the 12 paper bun cases and pop in the oven. Cook for approx 15 minutes at 180 deg C. The cakes should have risen and a skewer inserted in the middle of one of them should come out nice and clean.

Place the buns on a wire rack to cool.

Easter bun frosting

Cream 2 oz / 50g of butter with 4 oz / 100g icing sugar and 2 tsp of cocoa powder. Add a dash of milk to loosen the frosting a little. Pipe or spoon on top of the cakes once they have cooled.

Immediately after putting the frosting on the cakes, break up one cadbury’s flake and scatter it on the frosting. Settle 3 cadbury’s mini eggs in the middle of the ‘nest’.

Eat and enjoy!

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