Free Yoga Workshop 2nd October

Sequential Posing & Counterposing to Create Strength & Endurance Yoga Workshop

Tutor: Alison Clowes BWY Dip.

Sunday 2nd October 2011 – Bomere Heath Village Hall

10.30am – 3pm

N.B. Please eat your picnic after the complete day! We will have a few short breaks for drinks, fruit & biscuits to maintain energy levels.


Information Notes & timings for Workshop:


This method of practicing postures seeks to gain strength & endurance particularly in the muscles of the hips & legs.  Using the ‘same side’ or ‘one leading leg’ through 2-3 postures at a time we move into intervening sets of bilateral postures to enable a ‘working break’ before coming back to the same leading leg to perform another set of postures. The postures on the same side are counterposed by each other as well as by the intervening bilateral postures.


Sets of Standing Postures are encapsulated in a structured ‘Beginning & End’ Sequence. There will also be ‘In Between’ sequences to maintain body heat whilst once again providing a counterposing ‘working break’. Balancing postures may also be drafted into the sequences.


Rough Guide of the day’s activities – subject to change:


The workshop will begin with Warm-up/Mobilization & continue to introduce the ‘Beginning & End’ Sequences with just one or two sets of the standing postures. This will demonstrate how even the simplest of the standing postures performed in this sequential way can challenge the body in terms of strength & endurance –  80 mins


Break 1:  ‘Comfort ‘ – 10 mins


Floorbased stretches & Inversions – 40 mins


Break 2:  Drinks, fruit & a few biscuits to maintain energy! – 20 mins


The 1st afternoon session will tackle a fuller version of the Sequential Posing & Counterposing. Students may perform as many as they wish & take a break whenever necessary or perform a simpler posture. This way different abilities can join in through the whole sequence –  60 mins

Q & A – 5 mins


Seated sequence – 20 mins


Break 3: Relaxation & Comfort Break – 5 mins


Pranayama/Simple Meditation/Relaxation – 30 mins


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