Important information to know before your Yoga Class

Yoga  Here are some things that you need to know about before class! 

  1. Wear loose fitting clothes which do not restrict breathing, digestion or circulation.
  2. Do not eat heavily before your Yoga class. Ideally that last meal should be taken 3 hours before the class and be light and nourishing rather than heavy. Some of the postures require strong forward bends or twists which are uncomfortable to do on a full stomach.
  3. Always practise on a non-slip mat or Yoga sticky mat. You may be able to buy one from your teacher or contact one of the organisations listed in the links page.
  4. Yoga is non-competitive. To avoid injury do not compete with other people and do not compete with yourself by forcing your body beyond it’s capacity.
  5. Focus your attention on your body, breath and mind during the techniques. Practising with total attention is very advanced Yoga, no matter how simple or difficult the technique.
  6. Be aware of your breath, and as a general rule try to breath only through the nose, smoothly evenly and quietly. Do not hold your breath during the postures (except when directed by your teacher).
  7. The journey is as important as the destination so do not jerk out of one posture and into the next. Move into and out of the postures slowly and consciously.
  8. Take personal responsibility for your Yoga practice. Your teachers or the books which you read may be knowledgeable but you need to take personal responsibility for your own decisions and actions during a class or elsewhere. You know, and your body will continue to tell you what you are capable of doing so respect your body and resolve to avoid pain. In particular, almost all of the postures have alternatives which are just as beneficial but will avoid causing you pain or injury. Develop a self-respecting awareness of your body and adjust your postures to suit.
  9. Be patient! The benefits of Yoga go beyond improving strength and flexibility. Practise within your capabilities, let go of expectations and enjoy yourself!
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