Jonathan Monks 11 September 2011

Jonathan Monks is running a workshop at Shrewsbury High School, SY1 1TN, on Sunday, 11 September 2011.

Jonathan uses yoga postures and vinyasa to help develop greater strength, power and fluidity of movement in the individual. This is practiced with the emphasis on the release of physical tension until the student discovers their ‘ground’. ‘Ground’ is our connection to our ‘true self’. When a sensation of ground is achieved, then the work of ‘realisation’ begins.

About Jonathan…

Originally a personal trainer, Jonathan then spent six years working as a professional singer in Les Miserables. He also worked as a singing teacher after completing his MMUS on ‘The effect of yogic exercise on performers’. He studied yoga intensively for 16 years and has taught yoga for the last seven years.

Key training and experience

16 years of daily self practice and exploring; meditation, effortless movement, energy cultivation, strength, alignment, healing and rehabilitation. Seven years teaching (full time). Acknowledged as one of England’s most advanced teachers.

For more details contact: Faith Page on 07980 864161 or email

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