One reason why I love to teach Yoga!

I always enjoy the first class of term – it is so satisfying to see lesson planning turn into action. What I really enjoy though is that after a break of a few weeks, I notice how people look increasingly serene throughout the class, culminating in total bliss after relaxation. Students feel this too, here are some remarks from last night:

  • ‘It’s great to be back – I really missed it!’
  • ‘I knew you would make my headache go away’
  • ‘I was so relaxed I nearly fell asleep’
  • ‘That felt amazing’

How does your Yoga class make you feel?

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2 Responses to One reason why I love to teach Yoga!

  1. Jenna says:

    I always sleep calmly and deeply after an evening yoga session. And my back feels new, relaxed and pain free. Yoga is magic!

  2. catharineh says:

    How exciting – Jenna, you are my first commenter – THANK YOU! I am so glad that yoga helps you with your back.

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