Review: The Shrewsbury Bakehouse

A slightly different review today! The Shrewsbury Bakehouse is a tiny little bakery opposite Shrewsbury station. I travel on trains a lot with my work and the Bakehouse is a cozy haven of warm-scented calm at the end of my journey (I’m usually running late so never manage to squeeze in a breakfast stop there!).

The bakehouse specialises in sourdough or leavened bread made using only naturally occuring yeasts, flour, salt and water plus special additional natural ingredients for flavoured breads. These breads have a different consistency to shop bought products (even the supposed speciality ranges) – they are dense, soft and chewy.

My absolute favourite is the rosemary and raisin bread. Rosemary can be quite overpowering , but the bakehouse manages to  balancea delicate but distinctive herbal flavour with the plump sweetness of the raisins.

The Pain de Campagne although plain, is no wallflower. The bread looks beautiful – shaped in a traditional basket and delicious with good quality butter, cheese and chutney or served with soup.

Other notable breads are the Lebanese Thyme and Feta – great with halloumi cheese and the fiery Harissa, Feta, and Mint – perfect with an autumn pumpkin soup.

If you are lucky when you visit there might be some delicious home-made cakes and pastries left – still warm from the oven and there are various bread baking bits and pieces to browse and buy.

The Shrewsbury Bakehouse
7 Castle Gates, Shrewsbury SY1 2AE.
01743 248384 (out-of-hours: 07775 691325)
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