The art of relaxation

Getting your body and mind to completely relax is not as easy are you might think. There are so many pressures in our everyday life, many people find it hard to ‘switch off’ from it all. Like any other worthwhile skill, relaxation takes practice. Yoga can be a great training ground for this.

Here are some relaxation tips:

Exhale: lengthen your exhalations. This encourages the nervous system to become calm and quiet, moving your body into a more restful state of being.

Focus your mind: try focusing your mind in a constructive and engaging way; practice a challenging asana or an absorbing breathing exercise.

Minimise external stimulation: Turn off the television, unplug the phone and remove all electronic devices. Dim the lighting and use an eye bag/wrap to quiet the eyes and the brain.

Think positive: Throw out all negative thoughts and invite peaceful thoughts into your mind instead, use your creativity to develop a more positive outlook on the world.

Author: Jojoba

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