The Encyclopedia of Traditional Asanas

 (ISBN- ISBN–81-901617-2-5) 

The Encyclopedia of Traditional Asanas costitutes the following:

    * Approximately 900 titles of asanas, a good number of which are so far unheard of;

    * 1100 techniques and illustrations of asanas;

    * 200 authoritative and valid sourses, most of which are unpublished manuscripts;

    * Thousands of references;

    * Hundreds of cross-references to confirm validity, check comparison and distinction and to establish relationship, for grouping and classificationand also to find out synonyms;

    * 100 applications of Padmasana

    * 60 applications of sirsasana (inversion)

    * Exhaustive introduction

    * Appendix of various illustrations from different cultures adding additional information, charm and colourfulness of the ancient traditions.

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