What to wear for Yoga

The basic rule about what to wear at a Yoga class is that it should be comfortable and unrestrictive! You need to ensure that you are comfortable through the whole range of movements that you will be doing.

Layers are a good idea as you start off cool and will warm up through the class before cooling down again during relaxation and meditation. You can remove and add layers throughout the class.

A blanket or a shawl is good for extra warmth and comfort during relaxation and lying postures – make sure this is comfortable and not itchy!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes for Yoga, and you really don’t need to buy special Yoga trainers (whatever the adverts say) as you do Yoga in bare feet! A tracksuit and a T-shirt is a good start, but if you do want clothing specially designed for Yoga, here are some good places to look:

  • Gossypium do brilliant Yoga pants – organic cotton with a foldover waistband to keep the belly warm.
  • Prana performance clothing for Yoga and climbing are well made and well designed.
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