Yoga and music

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We all know that music affects our

emotions, music moves us.  Have

you ever noticed the music your

yoga teacher plays?

In yoga we connect with the rhythm

of our breath, and link every

transitional movement to either an

exhale or inhale.  Some teachers  count the breath out loud, but a good tune in 4/4 time with a steady tempo can get everyone in the room breathing.

The yoga playlist can also set the mood, from calm to intense.

Although sometimes it is wonderful to practice yoga in silence, it is generally found

that pairing music with the poses can have amazing results.

There are some great sites offering downloadable music perfect for practice. These

sites have become popular with yoga teachers due to their ease in creating class

This company features artists such as Deva Premal, Wah!, MC Yogi, Sean Johnson,

and a lot more. You can purchase individual songs and albums, or listen to playlists

by yoga teachers like guest blogger Derek Beres and Janet Stone with DJ

Curious what yoga teachers such as Kathryn Budig or Jill Miller listen to when they

unroll their mats? You can check out their custom playlists on OmStream, another

company specializing in music for yoga.

Other sites with a decent selection of yoga music:

Spotify is a subscription streaming site (downloads available with some levels of

subscriptions) that you sign up for through Facebook, allowing you to easily share

The music download store of them all, is where you can download and include on

playlists individual songs by yogi favorites like Krishna Das and Michael Franti.

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