Yoga class etiquette

I try to have as few ‘rules’ as possible in my classes but here are some guidelines which will help ensure that any Yoga class is as enjoyable as possible for yourself and for those around you.

1. Please arrive on time! I am unlikely to turn you away if you arrive late but it does disturb the other students in the class during the first few minutes of centering and relaxation. You may also miss out on information about the class or any other important notices that have been made.

2. Personal Space – Treat mats as personal space and try to avoid treading on any except your own.

3. Personal possessions – It makes sense to ensure that your belongings are safe and secure during the class. Don’t bring along anything valuable, and don’t wear expensive jewellery you may want to take off during the class.

4. Mobile phones – A ringing mobile phone is possibly the worst breach of Yoga Etiquette that there is! Please either turn your phone off or have it on silent during the class. If you are on call or have other reasons why your phone should be on, please speak to your teacher before the class and let them know the situation.

5. Hygeine – Try to bathe/shower before your practic; Avoid wearing strong perfume/aftershave as other people in the room may be allergic to it or made uncomfortable (especially in deep breathing exercises) by strong fragrances; It seems obvious, but wear clean clothes for your class as working with a particularly energetic session will heighten any stale body odours present!

6. Feet – Yoga is practised barefoot and so for reasons of hygeine and safety please pay special attention to your feet, not necessarily perfectly manicured, just clean!

7. Quiet Please! The attitude of a Yoga class is that of quiet and respectfulness. Please respect others who make use of the time before the class to relax in peace.

8. If you have difficulty hearing please choose a space near the front of the class, it is important that you can hear your teacher’s instructions fully and you may not always be able to see their lips to help you lip read.

9. Listen – It is important that you listen to what your teacher is saying to you during the class. Although you might very well know how to perform a practice your teacher may have introduced a subtle difference for a change. Pay particular attention to what your teacher says about not pushing yourself too hard, this is for your own safety and the safety of the others in the class.

10. Food – Please do not come to your Yoga class on a full stomach. It is recommended that you do not practice Yoga for several hours after a meal. Easily digested foods such as fruit can be eaten up to one hour before the class.

11. Water – I don’t mind if students wish to bring water into my classes to sip, but other teachers might so please check with your teacher first. However no other beverages are allowed and absolutely no food. This is because some of the intense forward bends and twists will increase pressure in your abdomen and this will make you feel ill if you have a full stomach.

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