Yoga for bigger bodies

Many people may let their size or how they feel about their bodies hold them back from attending a yoga class. They may think they are too big to practice yoga, or may think they need to lose weight first before they try.  But there is no need to wait!  A Yoga practice can be adapted for everyone’s needs, gentler movements and a slower pace can be introduced where necessary, and the yoga postures can be adapted to be more accessible and comfortable for the larger body. The breathing and meditation is also hugely beneficial for all.

Listen to your body:

It is however really important to listen to your body when moving in and out of every pose to keep yourself free from injury. Every single body on the planet is unique and not all postures will work for everybody.  Listen inward just as much as you listen to the teacher.

Use Props:

If needed you can use props. Straps will make your arms longer, and blocks can bring the floor up to you.  And if getting up from the floor proves tricky try using a chair.  Don’t hold back, be creative with solutions and make it happen.  If you are unsure ask the teacher to demonstrate how props can be used.

Be positive:

Yoga isn’t about competition, and it’s not about perfection. Use the practice as an opportunity to connect with your mind and body.


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