Yoga kit and caboodle – Absolute beginners

Beginners Yoga Kit

Beginners Yoga Kit by yogaspirit on

As a beginner you really don’t need more than a sticky mat to get you started with Yoga. However if you commit to Yoga, there are a few inexpensive items that will help you to develop your practice.

This Sticky yoga mat £18.00 from Yogamatters is a great Yoga mat to take to class. It will provide you with the right stability for postures and comfort for meditation and relaxation.


Fleece blankets £18.00 from Yogamatters are a great prop. They can be used to keep you warm and when folded they become a cushion for meditation. Rolled or folded they can give comfort and support to knees and legs.

D-ring yoga belt £5.75 from Yogamatters can help to extend your reach in many postures, improve stability in postures such as the Boat (Navasana) or bring your hands together in ‘bound’ posutures such as Cow face pose (Gomuhkasana).

Block – lightweight foam £5.00 from Yogamatters – Blocks are great for stability in poses where your arms are weight bearing but you aren’t quite flexible enough to fully reach into the pose (e.g. Ardha Chandrasana). The block extends the reach of your arms, allows you to bear a little weight and enables you to concentrate on blanace and form – the flexibility follows quickly.

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