Yoga myths debunked

If you are thinking of starting Yoga, you might have come across some of the myths about Yoga, and you might be worrying about them uneccesarily.

Yoga is only for flexible people

You don’t need to be super agile to practice yoga. Most postures can be modified to fit all skill levels or you can choose a position that isn’t so hard on the body. As your strength, flexibility, skill and balance improves you will develop the wonderful suppleness associated with Yoga.

Yoga comes from Hinduism/is a religion

Yoga is not a religion, but traditional Yoga is built on Vedic spirituality and philosophy and the promotion of being kind and compassionate towards yourself and others.

Yoga is just for girls

Yoga is for everyone.  Historically some of the greatest yoga teachers for over 2000 years have been men.

Yoga isn’t a real workout

Yoga is a wonderful workout with some types requiring higher levels of fitness. Practicing yoga on a regular basis can improve muscle strength and joint flexibility while boosting mood and controlling stress. Yoga also helps improve flexibility and endurance.  Yoga is more about feeling at peace with the world and relaxing your mind body and soul, and while the physical aspect is a key part in practicing yoga, it is not the most important.

You can learn yoga from a book

There are many yoga books available, however while these can inspire you, it is not meant to teach a practice.  Without proper guidance you will benefit from hands on adjustment, coaching and see a faster development in your skill levels.

Yoga is for young skinny people

There is no age limit to practising yoga, and size and shape do not matter.  If you have physical limitations, try a gentle yoga class or other class specific to your condition.

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